This is the spillover, so you should probably turn back now.

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  1. Sir Broosk,

    Greetings and I hope you get a chance to see this message. My Twitter handle is @tdgage and I’ve been promoting/recommending you regularly to my [measly] 400ish followers for far over a year now, and I do believe the account that you run is brilliant. I am interested in any sort of analysis that I might be able to contribute to any and all of your future ventures, whether it be within the college sports realm or the professional sports “off the cuff” chastising that the SBN crew has so widely perfected. I am a Big XII grad that has been subjected to a year among the comical presence of the sports blog hater “go to” Charlie Weis. I think that my humor could well contribute to, and help grow your FBS speculation/reporting network. If nothing else, would like to let you know that I am a huge fan of your material and think that you’re a premier sports blogger in the game even though I hate the SEC, and that takes a lot to admit. Keep it real sir.



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